our services

DPI provides outcome driven supports to assist our program participants in attaining their goals. Our programs serve adults over the age of 21. Our curriculum ranges from teaching basic skills for independent living, like health and safety for example, to the more advanced skills needed in finding a job, maintaining personal finances, and achieving self-reliance.

ON-Site Services

DPI’s on-site services are designed to encourage program participants to recognize and achieve their personal goals through highly individualized programs.

These programs focus on utilizing the individual's strengths as well as supporting the development of new skills. Our programming covers several generalized areas including: personal hygiene, physical fitness, sign language and general communication skills, creativity training, music therapy, fine motor skills, household maintenance, money skills, social skills, cooking, and anger management.

Community based Services

DPI’s Community-based services offers participants the opportunity to practice newly acquired skills while developing meaningful ties within their community.

Community opportunities are as varied as individual preference. Some popular activities include volunteering to help others: delivering food with the Meals on Wheels program, walking animals from a local animal shelter, participating in the Adopt a Grandparent Program at a nursing home, and preparing a meal for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

Other popular social activities include glazing pottery at a pottery shop, a visit to the local IMAX movie theater, museum tour, bowling and shopping. All of these activities give participants the opportunity to develop relationships with people in their community.

Outcomes measures

Developing Potential closely assesses and monitors the quality of our programs and services. Our Outcomes Management System includes an evaluation of key indicators in the areas of Effectiveness, Efficiency, Service Access, Stakeholder Input/ Satisfaction, and Administrative Functions.

2016 Needs Assessment & Satisfaction Survey Results   

2015 Needs Assessment & Satisfaction Survey Results

2014 Needs Assessment & Satisfaction Survey Results